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A Note from Gretchen:

This Calendar reflects some of the fun parts of making my life and living in the Arts, as both a Generative Artist and a Performing Artist, and occasionally 
nourishing my soul as a member of a family or that larger family, the Audience.
In a very few instances, I have listed an event to which I have been invited but may not be present; yet I want to extend the invitation to you, to support the Arts, the Entertainers, and those for whom I am sentimental. This may be as simple as acknowledging, and celebrating in our hearts, the birth dates of some very special people.
  With love to share, 
 Gretchen Christopher

"2010 Blog updates courtesy of Darrell French"
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2007 was the year of completion for

 her premier autobiographical solo CD, years in the making.

Gretchen's greatest holiday gift?  Learning that hers is among the year's 
Thurs, 1/28/10
Happy Birthday, SONJA CHRISTOPHER, sister of Gretchen, and first SURVIVOR voted off the island. 
(See article and photos, 1/16/08.)
Sun, 2/14/10
Happy Valentine's Day
& BIRTHDAY  to "Heart " and "Clever Bastards"  Co-Founder ROGER FISHER.  GRETCHEN CHRISTOPHER & ROGER FISHER performed "Come Softly To Me" in huge 60TH BIRTHDAY CONCERT on Valentine's Day, to BENEFIT HAITI, at KING CAT THEATER, Seattle, WA.
VENTURES' Don Wilson (to play guitar on Gretchen's "Come Softly To Me") Gertrude, Karen, FLEETWOODS' Gretchen Christopher, CURVES' Shelley Tomberg
Karen Choyce, following HEART Founding Guitarist Roger Fisher's 60th Birthday wishes to "dress outrageously sexy" for concert

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Tue, 2/16/10

Happy Birthday, Broadcaster JOHN HENDRICKS

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Sat, 2/20/10
Pisces Birthday
of Original Fleetwood, BARBARA LIANE ELLIS (I phoned, played piano and sang "Happy Birthday" to Barbara on her message machine).
Tue, 2/23/10
Pisces Birthday
remembrance of Fleetwood Gretchen's Co-Songwriter, LEE J. JACKSON, 1936-1999.  Hear his fine lyrics on "Autumn Gold", "What Good Is Pride (When You're Dying Inside)" & "Standing At My Window" on GRETCHEN'S SWEET SIXTEEN (SUITE 16), at .
Wed, 2/24/10
Pisces Birthday
of Replacement Fleetwood, GENE HOWARD.
Fri, 2/26/09
Pisces Birthday
of Fleetwood Gretchen's Son, CHRISTOPHER MATZEN
Sat, 2/27/10
Pisces Birthday remembrance
of Fleetwood Gretchen's Dance Partner, DANIEL SCHWARTZ (Feb 27, 1922 - Feb 23,
Gretchen's favorite dance partner, Daniel Schwartz, suffered a stroke on the weekend of 2/17/07.  Dan died peacefully
Feb 23, 2007, with his family at his side, just four days before his 85th birthday. 
 Dan is remembered forever and acknowledged
in the Album Notes of Gretchen's Sweet Sixteen and the following:
Sun, 2/28/10
Pisces Birthday
of Fellow Singer-Songwriter, SANDY ST. JOHN - and fond remembrances of her husband, Dick St. John (1940 - 2003), singing partner, hit songwriter and (with Dee Dee Phelps) co-founding member of Dick 'n' Dee Dee.

Happy 5th Birthday, Little Pisces goddess LILLIAN, Grammy Gretchen's 4th "Grammy Award". (:o)

Hey, It' would be great to have HEART in the ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME, along with THE VENTURES, who were inducted in 2008.  That same year I performed at the VOCAL GROUP HALL OF FAME 10TH ANNIVERSARY INDUCTIONS & CONCERTS, in celebration of THE FLEETWOODS' 2006 induction (our 4th HALL OF FAME).
Congratulations to All these NORTHWEST ARTISTS whose music continues to touch people throughout the WORLD!
Thurs, 3/4/10
Pisces Birthday
of former Disc Jockey, RALPH KOAL.
Sat 3/13/10
Pisces Birthday
of Replacement Fleetwood, Cute Cousin KAREN CONE from Connecticut
Mon, 4/12/10
Actress, Director, Musician, Arts Activist HELEN CHRISTOPHER Honored, seven years ago today as Recipient of 2003 Salute to the Arts Award, "for your numerous and outstanding contributions to the Arts in the South Sound Area."

Capital city official for over a quarter century, former Olympia City Manager ELDON MARSHALL wrote on 3/28/03 in a personal note of congratulations to Helen Christopher (who had been the only woman appointed to serve on The Mayor's Committee of the '60's), "I just want to express my thanks for your leadership in achieving the 'Performing Arts Center' for our community. If not for your efforts and persistence I doubt that we would have it today."  Helen Christopher chaired the Auditorium Committee and decades of volunteer work to make a reality the auditorium which would be known as The Washington Center for the Performing Arts, of which Marshall wrote, "You are the 'mother' of the Auditorium."

Six years later, Eldon Marshall again spoke of her accomplishments at the celebration of her life which ended Friday, September 19, 2008. Helen Christopher died but left the capital city multiple legacies to enrich the lives of all who survive.  See TRIBUTES.
Mon, 4/26/10
Happy Birthday
, dear brother! JAMES CHRISTOPHER, Great Grand Master Laser Sailracing Champion of the United States, repeatedly since 2001. Congratulations, again and again!
Thurs, 4/29/10
Birthday, remembrance of JOSIE WILSON (April 29, 1915 - January 18, 2007), Blue Horizon Records Label Founder, original Producer of The Ventures' music and Mother of The Ventures' Co-Founder Don Wilson, who were last year inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame on March 10, declared The Ventures Day, by Washington Governor Christine Gregoire.  Congratulations, Josie; that sunshine must be you, beaming! (:o).
Fri, 4/30/10
APRIL 30, 9PM, GRETCHEN CHRISTOPHER will Come Softly to Seattle's new HARD ROCK CAFE, Sing, Sign CDs & Celebrate STEPPENWOLF keyboard player GOLDY MCJOHN'S 65th Birthday, with ALL STAR LINE-UP kicking off THE MAGIC CARPET RIDE Tour.

Are you ready to be a V.I.P.? (very important partier!!!) Well April 30th is the date and you don't want to miss it! And guess what??? You don't have to bring a gift... because the present is for YOU!!! Rock keyboardist icon and living legend, GOLDY MCJOHN (original keyboardist from Steppenwolf) and his all-star band are kicking off their 2010 "MAGIC CARPET RIDE" tour with GOLDY'S BIRTHDAY BASH at the Hard Rock Cafe - Seattle, featuring an array of special guests, including: The Magic Carpet Ride (featuring Goldy McJohn formerly of Steppenwolf) Gretchen Christopher (Founder of the Fleetwoods, Multi Million Seller Songwriter) Leon Hendrix (Brother of Jimi Hendrix) SOMAR (featuring Steve Fossen - Founding member of HEART) Roger Fisher (Founding member of HEART) Heartless (Seattle's "Heart" Tribute Band) Devorah Witchburn and more!!!  Also making their debut: The "Born to be Wild Babes!" WHEN: April 30,2010 WHERE: Hard Rock Cafe ADDRESS: 116 Pike Street, Seattle, WA DOORS OPEN AT: 8: PM CONCERT: 9:00 PM TICKETS: $10.00 advance online at: $12.00 at the door (21 and over ONLY with valid ID)  MASTER OF CEREMONIES FOR THE EVENING INCLUDE: Rockfish (KZOK 102.5 FM Seattle's ONLY Classic Rock Station) John Maynard (legendary Seattle radio personality)  Mark Christopher (WARM 106.9 FM) For more information: GOLDY MCJOHN THE MAGIC CARPET RIDE HARD ROCK
  Goldy McJohn and Hard Rock audience are introduced by Gretchen Christopher to her Show Band incl. Singer/Dancer Nikki Stewart

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Sat, 5/1/10
The morning after a triumphant performance at the Hard Rock Cafe, Gretchen Christopher recorded "Come Softly To Me" with Roger Fisher in geodesic dome studio in Duval, WA.  Photo by Jeanne Galarneau who, with Photographer Terry Divyak, enjoyed $80 worth of King Crab Legs from the Pike Place Market and shared them with Gretchen and Rog for a delicious break!    

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 Sun, 5/2/10
BIRTHDAY of GOLDY MCJOHN, former keyboard player of Sparrow, Steppenwolf, Humble Pie.
Tue, 5/3/10
Happy Birthday, ELLIE O'SHEA FRONEY (talented, lifelong friend, "since before we were born;" sounding board and ongoing champion for Gretchen's SWEET SIXTEEN)!
Sun, 5/9/10
was lovely; perfect, except for not having my daughter Kimari with me.  She was in New Orleans for a weekend alone with her husband, for the first time since her children were born (over seven years)! And the rest of the family have the pleasure of her two lovely little girls, Lillian (5) and Kamiel (7) - who had overnighted with their cousins, Gray (4-3/4), Avery (7) and Tessa (9-1/2).  Then my son Chris (with the assistance of wife Gina) prepared a sumptuous Mothers Day brunch of Eggs Benedict Northwest (with wild salmon lox).  Mimosas, et al, served at my place, on the bright, sun-lit deck, overlooking the bay.

My brother Bill made a great start washing windows looking out on the bay (a Christmas gift promised by Gina and Chris, which they'll finish next Wednesday and then stay for dinner).  The children played down at the beach and then joined us for a sail (nine of us, only Vos remained at home) on my brother Bill's boat, from the marina down Budd Inlet to in front of my home and back again.

A spontaneous invitation to return to Chris and Gina's place for pineapple and Canadian bacon pizza topped off a perfect Mother's Day.  Then Vos and I took Lillian and Kamiel home to feed their dog, brush their teeth and get a goodnight's sleep. before school in the morning.  There I will assist with Kamiel's first grade class, plus be a a guest (along with little Lilli, who will miss her ballet class) for a Mothers Tea.  Kamiel will deeply miss her mother, so I'm glad I can be there in her place.  Afterward, I'll take Kamiel to her ballet class, probably singing together, by request, the songs from my CD, as we drive there.  They are among my biggest fans, and I feel so blessed.
Mon 5/10/10
Wedding Anniversary of 
N.W. Concert Producer DAVID HARRIS & GLENNA GIBSON.  (I enjoyed writing and singing special lyrics for your wedding!)

(emerging Screenwriter
whose award winning screenplay includes two songs from
Gretchen's SUITE 16)!
(Victoria MacDonald & Elsa Dorian)
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Tue, 5/11/10
GOLDY FOX ate out of my hand today
- perhaps a year to the day from when I last had that experience.  I'm not sure if this is one of the three individual foxes who ate from my hand last year, but he responded to my voice.  Actually came when I called him.

I'd put some chicken skin in the feral cat's dish and called out, "Here Foxy, here's some food for you."  Of course there was no fox in sight and I had no reason to believe there would be.  I just wanted there to be, and went inside.  A few moments later, I came outside again and walked to the railing, overlooking the bay.  there, near the dock, 40 feet below, was a red fox with a large bushy tail, wholly visible.  I called gently to him and asked if he was hungry.  I called to him to come here.  and he did, making his way up the switchback trail about 150 feet, perhaps 200 by the time he joined me on the lawn.

I tossed him a bit of chicken, which he ate.  Then I held out the cat's dish to him.  He came close and took a piece of chicken skin from it, then another.  I went inside and got another piece of chicken, came back outside.  The fox and the cat were arched at each other and frozen motionless.  I walked between them and the feral cat ran off.  I knelt where I had been before and extended my hand with a piece of chicken on the flat of it (like I'd been taught to feed a horse, so he doesn't nip your fingers).  I was a bit concerned, knowing that my fingers were covered with chicken fat and smelled delicious.  The fox came close and neatly ate the chicken from my palm, careful not to graze my palm with his teeth.  I could see that one of the large lower fangs was splayed outward; the other may have been missing, or at least was not prominent.

I went inside and got the "popes nose" and by now the fox was climbing up onto the deck and heading for the other side.  I opened the sliding glass door, slightly, and invited him over as I knelt down inside and extended my hand outside.  Again, he came over and ate from my hand.  My heart was so happy.  I watched him exit the other side of the deck; then I went back in, satisfied, and washed my hands.

When I came out again, there was no sign of the fox.  And that was as it should be.  I felt so blessed to have him trust me as he did, unlike the feral cat who eats the food Vos buys for it - and even rubs up against the door in a seeming desire for affection - but it will not allow itself to be touched nor eat from anyone's hand.  When I tried to pet it, months ago, it batted my hand and ran off.  Twice.  Each time, I was thankful it didn't use it's claws on me.  I've since given up on taming the cat.  Foxes are friendlier.=
Sun 5/23/10
Happy Birthday, adorable ELSA DORIAN (Fleetwoods Replacement), Olympia, WA
Sun, 5/30/10
In memory of the Birthday of P. STERLING RADCLIFFE, May 30, 1929 - January 18, 2007.
CoSongwriter of Barry White's "You're the First, the Last, My Everything".
Songwriter and Producer of "City of the Angels",  recorded by Gretchen Christopher. 
Click on photo to enlarge          
(Photo courtesy Deborah Page, )
Thurs, 6/24/10
The Fleetwoods' Producer &  Dolphin/Dolton Records President, born 87 years ago this day, and who, seven years ago, June 15th, passed away. He may be gone, but the beautiful, ground-breaking, now-classic music he produced lives on. We love you Bob!      (See TRIBUTES)
Sun, 6/27/10
In remembrance of
LENORE O'CONNOR SEVERSON and our final musical celebration of her life,  "Encore for Lenore."
Sun, 7/4/10
Tue, 7/27/10
VOS & GRETCHEN'S 54th ANNIVERSARY of the day we met, and he'll once again take me for a boat ride on the bay! (:o)
Wed, 7/28/10
54th ANNIVERSARY of VOS & Gretchen's
(Sweet Sixteen!) First Date! 
Sat, 7/31/10
Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary
to Gretchen's nephew (former Special Effects Artist for George Lucas's Industrial Light & Magic on Twister; Star Wars: Episode 1,The Phantom Menace), DAN SHUMAKER and his bride TONI NAYLOR. Together, they've earned their Master of Theology degrees.  Dan now teaches Graphic Arts full time at the San Francisco Art Institute University in San Francisco.  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY,
Wed, 8/4/10
Birthday of GINA
(daughter-in-law of The Fleetwoods' Founder).
Thurs, 8/5/10
Tenth wedding anniversary of GINA and CHRISTOPHER MATZEN, (Gretchen's son),
Thurs, 9/23/10
BIRTHDAY OF "TWIN" COUSINS, Kamiel & Avery, born the very same morning -- September 23, 2002 -- to "Grammy" Gretchen's daughter and son (and their spouses : )
VOCAL COACHING, Individual or Vocal Group, by appointment, call Gold Cup Music (360) 866-7866.
Mon, 10/25/10
Tue, 11/2/10
Happy Birthday to Fleetwoods Replacement John Worsley.
Hear his Flute Echos recordings at
Wed, 11/10/10
Happy Birthday, shimmery
KIMARI, darling daughter of Grammy Gretchen. You are such a blessing!
Sat, 11/27/10
Happy Thanksgiving!
Sun, 11/28/10
an Original Fleetwood. We who are left to carry on appreciate your contribution to the original sound and especially your unforgettable "Umn Dooby Doo, Dom Dom" back-up, which Fleetwoods founder Gretchen arranged in counterpoint to include you in the song, "Come Softly To Me," and musical history!
Tue, 11/30/10
Hear Gretchen Christopher read her Poem for DICK CLARK 
(Click Here)

November 30th! Another year older?
Don't be "Mr. Blue"
Dick Clark, you're loved the whole world over.
These greetings attest it's true.

How many teens might have lost their way
Had Bandstand not been born?
"Lovers By Night, Strangers By Day,"
All of us would mourn.

Another man spinning hits in your place
May help them climb the roster,
But millions of us who know your face
Say, "He's The Great Imposter."

"Outside My Window," you may "Runaround"
Or retreat to your Caribbean pleasures.
Wherever you go, good wishes abound;
You're one of our national treasures.

"Goodnight My Love," you're "The Last One To Know"
"You Mean Everything To Me"
Since the first time we Fleetwoods were on your show
And sang "Come Softly To Me."

Some feel each birthday's a "Tragedy"
("Graduation's Here" and gone)
But with you, dear Dick, we're eternally young;
The music plays on and on!
 by Gretchen Christopher copyright 1992, All Rights Reserved -
Tue, 12/21/10
Sat, 12/25/10
Happy Tenth Birthday, TESSA NOEL
("Grammy" Gretchen's very first Grammy Award! :o)

  Wishing EVERYONE Warm & Wonder-filled Holidays blessed with Health & Happiness and a New Year of Working & Playing together in Peace & Harmony, throughout the World!

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